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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Snarkout Lite

I'm entering a particularly hellish phase of the term this week, with the first set of formal lab reports in my intro mechanics class due on Thursday. That's 35 papers to read and assign grades to, a process which compares unfavorably to writing rejection letters to slushpile authors (authors from the slush pile are generally unlikely to turn up in your office the day after getting their manuscript back, after all...). If I had the time and energy, I'd consider dropping some lazy journalists a note (see also comments from the master of the Precious), but I'm saving up my strength. I'd consider unwinding by watching some sports, but they're all full of filth these days, and once I start reading papers, I'll barely have the attention span for pro wrestling. By the end of it, I'll probably be reduced to contemplating exploded whales (some of whom are infamous), and giggling quietly to myself.

Happily, there are still smart bloggers out there with interesting ideas for replacing the Hubble. And there's fun stuff going on on Mars, with news available in flavors ranging from technical to mopey, to downright chipper (verging on ferret shock, really...). So there's plenty to read.


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Note to Self: Get Some Free Time

Once that's found, write a couple of long blog posts about this story (described in slightly more detail). It's a Big Deal, and could make for some quality physics blogging.

Also, win the lottery.

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Monday, February 02, 2004

Best... Super Bowl... Ever.

Jim Henley has a Super Bowl recap that just proves he's not married to a Pats fan. Andrew Northrup is presumably too hung over to gloat. Yet.

Personally, I'd put this game in the top five Super Bowls of my era (with the caveat that my era encompasses a decade or so of ridiculous blowouts). My completely objective unbiased list of favorite Super Bowl games:

Interestingly, Bill "The Mad Monk" Belichick was involved in four of the top five games (two with the Giants, two with the Pats).

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Obscure Band Update (Brief Return)

Quick comments on some recent CD purchases:

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