Chad Orzel: Home Page

This page represents a first crack at putting something up on the Web. At some unspecified point in the future, it may contain the usual frivolous nonsense, pictures, and suchlike. In fact, there are some pictures up now... My collection of Web stuff sorts itself out into the following categories:

Professional Information: Information about what I do for a living, and where I've done it. Basically, a collection of links serving as a hypertext CV.

Japan Page: Stories (and maybe eventually pictures) about the three months I spent living in Japan.

Links: A small collection of sites I find useful, amusing, or both.

Reviews: A collection of book reviews I've written and posted to Usenet.

Book Log: Comments on books I've read recently (this used to say "Very short comments, but that's increasingly inaccurate...). Posted as much as a reminder to myself of what I've been reading as for the edification of those dying to know more about my tastes in literature.

Pictures: Having obtained access to a scanner at work, and finding myself with some free time in which to abuse that access, I've added some pictures to the web collection. I'll mix links into the relevant Japan anecdotes, and any other pages that demand them, but if you want to see the master index of pictures, it's here.

Last modified: 13 January, 2002