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2.1.2: Is there a connection between Mat's luck and the stolen dice ter'angreal?

[Erica Sadun]

Could Mat's phenomenal luck come from the dice ter'angreal described in [TDR: 25, Questions, 237-238]? Not bloody likely. Here's why:

  1. The dice ter'angreal was stolen by the Black sisters.
  2. It is made up of SIX not five dice stuck together
  3. You must be able to CHANNEL to use it
  4. Mat says he has ALWAYS been lucky. This is referred to even before he got the dagger, and went to Tar Valon to be Healed of it. The dagger may have influenced his natural luck, or forced him into his ta'veren-hood.
  5. Mat can win at dice with you using YOUR dice.
Note, though, that the dice ter'angreal could probably be used to counteract the probability-twisting effect of ta'veren, e.g. Mat's luck.

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