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1.5.8: Who is a Darkfriend?

Black Ajah

Led by: Alviarin Freidhen (White)

Liandrin's Thirteen:

  1. Liandrin (Red)
  2. Amico Nagoyin (Yellow)*
  3. Chesmal Emry (Yellow)
  4. Asne Zeramene (Green)
  5. Jeaine Caide (Green)
  6. Ispan Shefar (Blue)*
  7. Berylla Naron (Blue)
  8. Falion Bhoda (White)
  9. Rianna Andomeran (White)
  10. Joiya Byir (Gray)*
  11. Temaile Kinderode (Gray)
  12. Eldrith Jhondar (Brown)
  13. Marillin Gemalphin (Brown)

In the Tower:

With the Rebels: Elsewhere: Miscellaneous:

Darkfriend Asha'man

So far, the only ones we know for sure are DFs are the four "renegade" Asha'man: Peral Torval, Charl Gedwyn, Raefar Kisman, and Manel Rochaid, all of whom are dead as of WH. There are up to thirty Asha'man receiving "special training" from Taim, according to Logain [COT: 24, A Strengthening Storm, 557], but we can't yet know for sure if all or even any of these are definitely Darkfriends.


NOTE: This list is not exhaustive; I've deliberately left out rank and file DFs who have only made token appearances before getting killed off or disappearing for good. Instead I'm limiting it to recurring characters or those who had a significant impact on the plot. (Or, to put it another way, characters the average reader might actually remember.)

* deceased

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