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1.5.3: Why Elaida is not Black Ajah

[Erica Sadun, Pam Korda]

Read the following references:

[TSR: 1, Seeds of Shadow, 29-30]: Elaida thinks about how Rand al'Thor must be stopped from causing trouble in Andor, since Andor and its royalty are the key to defeating the DO. She believes that defeating the DO is a desirable goal.

[TFOH: Prologue, The First Sparks Fall, 13-21] and [TFOH: 19, Memories, 260]: Elaida is pretty clearly a dupe.

Finally, from the Elaida-Alviarin interactions in LOC, ACOS, and TPOD, it is obvious that Elaida is not BA, since Alviarin has to resort to blackmail to control Elaida. If Elaida was BA, Alviarin, head of the Black Ajah, would just tell her what to do.

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