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1.5.1: Is Aram a Darkfriend?

There is a Tinker at the DFS at the beginning of TGH, wearing green trousers and a yellow coat. Could he be Perrin's little friend?

There is definitely something up with Aram:

Egwene's dream [TFOH: 15, What Can Be Learned in Dreams, 214] indicates that Aram is going to get Perrin into trouble: "A man in a bright yellow coat...the Tinker. Every time he moved closer to Perrin it was if a chill of doom shot through everything."

This may just mean that there is something doom-filled about Aram being a Tinker with a sword. Aram is a pretty bloodthirsty dude, so it may be that he'll get Perrin in trouble somehow through his behavior.

In LOC, ACOS, and TPOD, Aram doesn't do much besides follow Perrin around. Not much evidence there.

In WH and COT, Aram shows a rather disturbing fascination with Masema [WH: 1, Leaving The Prophet, 93], and with his methods of interrogation [COT: 27, What Must Be Done, 595-597]. Perhaps this is the way he spells doom for Perrin - maybe he becomes a convert to the Prophet's cause, thinking he will help Rand, and ends up hurting Perrin instead. [Laura Parkinson] Possibly related to the Wise Ones' conviction that letting Masema live is a Bad Thing.

The above, of course, implies that Aram is not in fact a Darkfriend, merely (very) misguided.

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