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PLEASE NOTE: This version of the FAQ is now outdated; go directly to the current version or see the Welcome Page for more information. (November 2010)

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0.10: Is there a downloadable version of the FAQ?

If you would like a copy of the HTML version of the FAQ to keep on your own computer, there is a zip file you can download. This file is for personal use only. This means that you can keep the files on your personal computer and look at them whenever you want, but you may not distribute it. Among other things, you may not put it up on a web site. If you are interested in maintaining a mirror site for the FAQ, contact Pam Korda and Leigh Butler.

If we find bootleg copies of the FAQ on the web, we will reconsider our decision to distribute the FAQ in this way. Don't ruin things for everybody else.

The HTML version of the FAQ can be downloaded from: here.

There is no plain text version available at the moment, but a PDF document of version 7.0 (the January 2004 edition) is available, thanks to the inestimable Steven Cooper, found here. Be warned that it is quite large.

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