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Saturday, March 26, 2005

All Knowledge Is Contained in Blogdom?

Some questions that I would love to have answered, should anybody have good answers:

Who is the guy in the Coke commercial? There's this Coke spot getting a lot of play during the NCAA's, featuring a middle-aged guy carrying a bag of groceries, who backs down and dunks over a young punk. He looks like he ought to be recognizable as a former basketball star, but I can't figure out who he is, and Kate couldn't turn it up on Google.

Why does iTunes's ripping feature suck so much? Something like one track in every eight that I ripped when I was transferring my CD collection onto iTunes has glitches in it, and one in ten has skips and jumps that are serious enough to be annoying to listen to. This includes some of my favorite tracks. I am deeply annoyed by this.

Is there a better CD-ripping utility I should be using? It's got to run under Windows, and not be Windows Media Player.

What's with the exposed-struts-and-cables school or airport achritecture? Isn't the process of modern air travel dehumanizing enough without making every airport look like the inside of a warehouse?

What is the policy on shoes at airport security checks? Seriously, I'd love to know. I suspect that the answer is "There is no policy," because it's about fifty-fifty whether they ask me to take my sneakers off or not. I wish they'd make up their minds. (Actually, I wish they'd make up their minds in the direction of "You don't have to take your sneakers off, ever," but if I can't get sensible, I'll settle for consistent.)

OK, the last two are mostly rhetorical, but I'd really like answers to the first three.

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Books, Books, Books

For those who care, there's been a lot of activity over on my booklog recently. Three new posts today, including Hugo Nomication thoughts, and new books by Charlie Stross and Scott Westerfeld.

If that sounds interesting to you, go check it out. If not, don't.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Big Vacation Answers

We're back from vacation, but not exactly well-rested. It's not that the cruise wasn't relaxing, but the travel days on either end were pretty draining. Especially the part where we spent three hours in the emergency room the night before we left for the cruise, thanks to what was determined to be a muscle problem in my shoulder. I blame Mike Kozlowski, though I can't figure out how he did it.

Anyway, I fired up Opera to see what's been going on in blogdom, but on seeing the five hundred or so posts that had piled up in my various feeds, I said "Screw this" and hit "Mark All Read." I don't have the energy to catch up on a week's worth of bloggery, and it's probably not that important, anyway.

Instead, here are the titles for the songs I posted before we left:

And that's that. I didn't get to use what turned out to be the goofy lyric of the week ("I married my cousin down in Arkansas, married two more when I got to Utah"), but I doubt very much that anyone will get it, so we'll save it for another post...

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