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Here are 3.4.1-specific spoilers (see the main page for later versions and general spoilers).

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The following spoilers were created by Kevin Hugo (now part of the DevTeam) or by Dylan O'Donnell, and are currently maintained by Dylan; they are archived under Dylan O'Donnell's conditions. In addition, you can download a zipped archive of these spoilers (409 KB, synched with the final versions on Dylan's site).

These spoilers are listed in rough categories (items and monsters; your character; intrinsics; and the dungeon), mostly by alphabetical order. If I thought something fell into two categories, I listed it twice, so you wouldn't have to guess. Some of these files are rather large; the really big (well over 50KB+) files have their sizes listed.

Items and monsters

amul-341.txt (HTML) Amulets
armr-341.txt (HTML) Armor, including armor erosion and enchantment and magic cancellation
drgn-341.txt (HTML) The dragon resistances (includes wearing dragon scale mail)
art1-341.txt (HTML) Artifacts
art2-341.txt (HTML) Magicbane and artifact selection
food-341.txt (HTML) Food, including nutrition and eating
gems-341.txt (HTML) Gems and luck
misc-341.txt (HTML) Miscellaneous objects, including spellbooks in statues
mon1-341.txt (HTML) Monsters: basic properties and attacks (87KB in HTML)
mon2-341.txt (HTML) Monsters: generation and disposal (116KB in HTML)
pot1-341.txt (HTML) Potions, effects
pot2-341.txt (HTML) Potions, alchemy and other miscellaneous properties
ring-341.txt (HTML) Rings
rint-341.txt (HTML) Ring intrinsics and effects
scrl-341.txt (HTML) Scrolls
spl1-341.txt (HTML) Spellbooks and spell classes and casting
spl2-341.txt (HTML) Spell effects
tool-341.txt (HTML) Tools, including the Invocation Artifacts
wan1-341.txt (HTML) Wands, effects
wan2-341.txt (HTML) Breaking wands, cancellation, and polymorphing
weap-341.txt (HTML) Weapons, including calculating chances to hit and damage (96KB in HTML)
tabs-341.txt (HTML) The collected item tables (132KB in HTML)

Your character

abil-341.txt (HTML) Class- and race-dependent abilities and gained intrinsics
bone-341.txt (HTML) Bones files: leaving and loading
crwn-341.txt (HTML) Crowning and its consequences
invt-341.txt (HTML) Starting inventory for different classes and races
gods-341.txt (HTML) Gods, races, and alignments
hppw-341.txt (HTML) Hit points and power levels, starting and gaining
scor-341.txt (HTML) Calculation of score
stat-341.txt (HTML) Starting statistics
xplv-341.txt (HTML) Experience levels and rank titles


drgn-341.txt (HTML) The dragon resistances
intr-341.txt (HTML) Miscellaneous intrinsics
rint-341.txt (HTML) Ring intrinsics and effects

The dungeon

[See also Dylan's Gazetteer.]

bone-341.txt (HTML) Bones files: leaving and loading
foun-341.txt (HTML) Dipping and quaffing from fountains
prst-341.txt (HTML) Donating to priests
sink-341.txt (HTML) Quaffing from and kicking sinks
room-341.txt (HTML) Special rooms, level sounds, and shop generation
time-341.txt (HTML) Time, date, and moon phase effects
thrn-341.txt (HTML) Thrones, sitting on and kicking