Crowning and its consequences in NetHack 3.4

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When you are in good standing with your god ("piously aligned") and sufficiently lucky, when you pray a lot of nice things can happen. One of these things is that you may be "crowned" by your god.

If this happens, you are not only granted a title (visible with enlightenment or at the end of the game), but some other effects (most of them beneficial) happen as well. The title you will gain is the following:

Lawful: Hand of Elbereth
Neutral: Envoy of Balance
Chaotic: Glory of Arioch

Then, you gain some useful intrinsics (if you didn't have them already, of course):

Next, you may gain an item, depending on your class and alignment:

If these classes do not receive a spellbook, or for any other class:

If you received a weapon gift, it is blessed, unrusted and made rustproof, and set to at least +1. If you received no gift (or you received a spellbook gift of a spell that you already knew), your currently-wielded (primary) weapon (or weapon-tool) receives the same enhancements, and your skill in it is unrestricted. In all cases, your skill in the appropriate alignment gift weapon is unrestricted whether you got it or not: long sword for lawfuls and neutrals, broad sword for chaotics.

There is, of course, a disadvantage to balance all this generosity: after crowning, your average prayer time-out (the time you have to wait between prayers) is greatly increased. So, if you already have a decent weapon and the above intrinsics, being named is a BAD thing. If you pray often enough, it WILL happen eventually, though.

Basically, when your god crowns you, it's his way of telling you: "I've given you quite enough by now... Now bugger off and don't pester me..."


Corrections and clarifications provided by Annie Kang.

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