Effects of kicking and quaffing from sinks in NetHack 3.3

by Dylan O'Donnell <psmith@spod-central.org>
HTML Conversion by Kate Nepveu.


Quaffing from sinks

1/20 "You take a sip of scalding hot water.". If fire resistant, "It seems quite tasty." (no effect), otherwise lose d6 HP.
1/20 If sewer rats are genocided or extinct, "The sink seems quite dirty." (no effect). Otherwise, "Eek! There's a sewer rat in the sink!" ("something squirmy" if blind), and a sewer rat is generated.
1/20 "Some <potion appearance> liquid flows from the faucet." ("odd liquid" if blind). Has the effect of a random uncursed potion.
1/20 "You find a ring in the sink!". Creates a random ring and exercises wisdom. Only one ring per sink (from quaffing or kicking); thereafter, "Some dirty water backs up in the drain." (no effect).
1/20 "The pipes break! Water spurts out!". Sink becomes a fountain.
1/20 "The water moves as though of its own will!". If water elementals are extinct, "But it quiets down." (no effect); otherwise, creates a water elemental.
1/20 "Yuk, this water tastes awful". You gain 1 XP.
1/20 "Gagg... this tastes like sewage! You vomit.". You vomit.
1/20 "This water contains toxic wastes!". If not unchanging, you polymorph into a new form.
11/20 No effect. Messages: "You take a sip of <temperature> water." ("warm", "(very) hot", "(very) cold"). "You hear clanking from the pipes...". "You hear snatches of song from among the sewers...". "From the murky drain, a hand reaches up... --oops--" (this last only if hallucinating).

Kicking sinks

4/5 "Klunk! The pipes vibrate noisily." Exercise dexterity.
1/5 Something else, as follows:

If you haven't yet got a black pudding from the sink, 1/3 chance of one being generated. "A <black> ooze gushes up from the drain!" (if blind, "You hear a gushing sound."), and dexterity exercised.

If you didn't get a pudding and haven't yet had a dish washer, 1/3 chance of getting one of those (an incubus if a female humanoid, a succubus if a male humanoid, otherwise an equal chance of either). "The dish washer returns!" ("Something returns!" if blind), and dexterity exercised.

If you didn't get either of the above, 1/3 chance of "Flupp! Muddy waste pops up from the drain." ("You hear a sloshing sound." if blind), and a random ring being created if the sink hasn't yet given one through kicking or quaffing: "You see a ring shining in its midst." (no message if blind) and exercise dexterity and wisdom.

If you didn't get any of the above, you get a hurt foot. "Ouch! That hurts!", abuse dexterity and strength, 1/3 chance of right leg being hurt for 5 to 10 turns, and lose 5 HP (3 HP if CON greater than 15).

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