Roles and Races

by Donald Welsh <>

Additional HTML conversion by Kate Nepveu <>


Race, Role, and alignment

dwarf elf gnome human orc
Archeologist L   N LN   
Barbarian        NC C
Cave(wo)man L   N LN   
Healer     N N  
Knight       L    
Monk       L    
Priest(ess)   C   LNC  
Ranger   C N  NC C
Rogue         C C
Samurai       L    
Tourist        N   
Valkyrie L     LN   
Wizard   C N  NC C

Starting equipment

All dwarfs, elves, and orcs know items made by their people. Elf healers and wizards get a non-magical musical instrument, any one of: wooden flute, tooled horn, wooden harp, bell, bugle, leather drum. Orc non-wizards (barbarians, rangers, and rogues) get two extra food items. Optional items are chosen in sequence; for example, a monk has a 20% chance of getting a magic marker, and if no marker, a 10% chance for a lamp. A wizard's optional items have independent chances. Wizards (and only wizards) start with a spellbook of force bolt. Overly powerful or useless items and combinations are not put into starting inventories: wand of wishing; ring of levitation (if E-word is defined); high-level spellbooks; the combination of a ring of polymorph control and any of a wand, ring, or spellbook of polymorph; potion of hallucination or acid; scroll of amnesia, fire, or stinking cloud; ring of aggravate monster or hunger; wand of nothing. Non-chaotic characters start without poisoned items

Archeologist: +2 bullwhip, +0 leather jacket, +0 fedora, 3 food rations, pick axe, tinning kit, +0 sack; (tin opener 10% else lamp 25% else magic marker 10%)

Barbarian: (+0 two handed sword and +0 axe 50% chance else battle axe and short sword), +0 ring mail, food ration, (lamp 17%)

Cave(wo)man: +1 club, +2 sling, 10-20 flint stones 18-33 rocks, +0 leather armor

Healer: +0 scalpel, +1 leather gloves, stethoscope, 4 potions of healing, 4 potions of extra healing (known), wand of sleep, blessed spellbook of healing, spellbook of extra healing, spellbook of stone to flesh, 5 apples, 1001-2000 Au

Knight: +0 long sword, +2 spear, +1 ring mail, +0 helmet, +0 small shield, +0 leather gloves, 10 apples, 10 carrots

Monk: +2 leather gloves, +0 robe, blessed spellbook (equal chances of healing, protection, or sleep), random scroll, 3 potions of healing, 3 food rations, 5 apples, 5 oranges, 3 fortune cookies, (magic marker 20% else lamp 10%)

Priest: +1 mace, +0 robe, +0 small shield, 4 potions of holy water, clove of garlic, sprig of wolfsbane, 2 random spellbooks, (magic marker 10% else lamp 10%)

Ranger: +1 dagger, +1 bow, 50 +2 arrows, 30 +0 arrows, +2 cloak of displacement, 4 cram rations

Rogue: +0 short sword, 6-15 daggers, +1 leather armor, potion of sickness, +9 lock pick, sack, (blindfold 20%)

Samurai: +0 katana, +0 wakizashi, yumi, 26- 45 ya, +0 splint mail, (blindfold 20%)

Tourist: 21-40 +2 darts, 10 food rations, 2 potions of extra healing, 4 scrolls of magic mapping, +0 Hawaiian shirt, expensive camera, credit card, 1-1000 Au, (tin opener 4% else leash 4%, else towel 4% else magic marker 4%)

Valkyrie: +1 long sword, +0 dagger, +3 small shield, food ration, (lamp 17%)

Wizard: +1 quarterstaff, +0 cloak of magic resistance, random wand, random ring, random potion, random scroll, spellbook of force bolt, random spellbook, (magic marker 20%), (blindfold 20%)


Starting equipment is modified by race.

Elf Orc Dwarf Gnome
Dagger Elven dagger Orcish dagger    
Spear E. spear O. spear Dwarvish spear  
Short sword E. short sword O. short sword D. short sword  
Bow E. bow O. bow   Crossbow
Arrow E. arrow O. arrow   C'bow bolt
Helmet E. leather helm O. helm    
Cloak of Displacement E. cloak      
Cram ration Lembas wafer      
Small shield   O. shield    
Ring mail   O. ring mail    
Chain mail   O. chain mail    


Role / Race Lev. Intrinsic gained
Archeologist 1 stealth, speed
10 searching
Barbarian 1 poison resistance
7 speed
15 stealth
Cave(wo)man 7 speed
15 warning
Healer 1 poison resistance
15 warning
Knight 7 speed
Monk 1 speed, sleep resistance, see invisible
3 poison resistance
5 stealth
7 warning
9 searching
11 fire resistance
13 cold resistance
15 shock resistance
17 teleport control
Priest 15 warning
20 fire resistance
Ranger 1 searching
7 stealth
Rogue 1 stealth
10 searching
Samurai 1 speed
15 stealth
Tourist 10 searching
20 poison resistance
Valkyrie 1 cold resistance, stealth
7 speed
Wizard 15 warning
17 teleport control

Elf 4 sleep resistance
Orc 1 poison resistance

Ability limits by race

(Thanks to Bruce Cox <>)

Str Int Wis Dex Con Cha
human 18/** 18 18 18 18 18
elf 18 20 20 18 16 18
dwarf 18/** 16 16 20 20 16
gnome 18/50 19 18 18 18 18
orc 18/50 16 16 18 18 16


Cavemen and orcs may eat dogs, cats, and their own race without penalty.

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