Gods, races and alignments in NetHack 3.3

by Dylan O'Donnell <psmith@spod-central.org>
HTML Conversion by Kate Nepveu.

The format of this spoiler is as follows:

Role (mythos from which gods are drawn)
Lawful Lawful god(dess) (races that can start as lawful in this role)
Neutral Neutral god(dess) (races that can start as neutral in this role)
Chaotic Chaotic god (races that can start as chaotic in this role)
Archeologist (Central American)
Lawful Quetzalcoatl (humans, dwarves)
Neutral Camaxtli (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic Huhetotl
Barbarian (Hyborian)
Lawful Mitra
Neutral Crom (humans)
Chaotic Set (humans, orcs)
Cave(wo)man (Babylonian)
Lawful Anu (humans, dwarves)
Neutral Ishtar (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic Anshar
Healer (Greek)
Lawful Athena
Neutral Hermes (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic Poseidon
Knight (Celtic)
Lawful Lugh (humans)
Neutral Brigit
Chaotic Manannan Mac Lir
Monk (Chinese)
Lawful Shan Lai Ching (humans)
Neutral Chih Sung-tzu (humans)
Chaotic Huan Ti (humans)
Priest(ess) (Random)
Priests are assigned the pantheon of one of the other roles at random on starting the game. Thus a human Priest can worship any of the 36 gods; elven Priests are always chaotic.
Ranger (Roman)
Lawful Mercury
Neutral Venus (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic Mars (humans, elves, orcs)
Rogue (Nehwon)
Lawful Issek
Neutral Mog
Chaotic Kos (humans, orcs)
Samurai (Japanese)
Lawful Amaterasu Omikami (humans)
Neutral Raijin
Chaotic Susanowo
Tourist (Discworld)
Lawful Blind Io
Neutral The Lady (humans)
Chaotic Offler
Valkyrie (Norse)
Lawful Tyr (humans, dwarves)
Neutral Odin (humans)
Chaotic Loki
Wizard (Egyptian)
Lawful Ptah
Neutral Thoth (humans, gnomes)
Chaotic Anhur (humans, elves, orcs)

Races can thus play the following roles

Dwarves (Law): Arc   Cav                 Val  
Elves (Cha):             Pri Ran         Wiz
Gnomes (Neu): Arc   Cav Hea       Ran         Wiz
Humans (Law): Arc   Cav   Kni Mon Pri     Sam   Val  
Humans (Neu): Arc Bar Cav Hea   Mon Pri Ran     Tou Val Wiz
Humans (Cha):   Bar       Mon Pri Ran Rog       Wiz
Orcs (Cha):   Bar           Ran Rog       Wiz

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